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Tanja und Joey üben Yoga im Studio in Zürich. Man sieht die Yogawand im Hintergrund.

Yoga is not simply practising Yoga postures for Tanja and Joey. Clearly, they are important help to improve overall health and vitality, but it is far from being everything Yoga has to offer and not the end goal either. Yoga means integrity on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This is the message we spread in our classes. What is the use of a perfectly executed Yoga posture if I do not find mental balance in life? Where lies the truth if I am blissfully happy smiling on my Yoga mat, but outside in the real life my anger, insecurity, stress or sadness eat me up from the inside?

Integrity demands to continuously question and observe one’s own deeds, words, feelings and thoughts. It means to acknowledge one’s own mistakes and weaknesses, to be willing to improve and learn every day – to transform on all levels. Learning never stops; this applies to us too.