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The goal of the training is to produce highly trained Yoga teachers who have a complete understanding of Yoga. In our opinion a good yoga teacher must have a high level of integrity, expertise and professionalism. He/she must also have been trained in the safety aspects of yoga and be able to approach students with genuine attention and compassion. Our main teachers are specially trained to train aspiring yoga teachers (a key skill a yoga teacher trainer must have to train aspiring teachers). Our knowledge of yoga comes from a clearly defined lineage, it is safe, effective, result oriented and researched. To pass on part of this knowledge, a yoga teacher training program of at least 750 hours is necessary.

The student/teacher ratio during the training is kept low, so that we can respond individually to the prospective yoga teachers.

The training of 750 hours sets the focus on

  • Alignement Based Yoga Asana
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Detailed anatomy
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle
  • Energetics

The training is suitable for

  • Yoga students who want to teach Yoga
  • Yoga students who wish to deepen and improve their asana & pranayama exercises by learning anatomy and alignment
  • Yoga students who want to deepen their spiritual path
  • Yoga teachers who want to improve their teaching methodology

The training includes 750 hours of direct instruction with the main and guest teachers. The start date is 2.01.2022, the training ends on 24.03.2024. During the training at least another 200 hours of self-study are to be expected, furthermore a regular documented practice (logbook) of asana, pranayama and meditations during the training is required. Students are also expected to have a willingness for self-reflection and the will to study. The personality should be allowed to develop and one's own behaviour should be questioned.

After successful completion of the training and final examination (see point 10. Absences during training), the students receive a final certificate from the yoga place, gmbh.

The 750 hours Yoga Teacher Training conducted by the yoga place in Zurich is intensive and requires that the participants are willing to work on themselves in addition to the regular classes. In principle, admission is possible if the following conditions are met:

  • At least 5 years of regular yoga practice, of which at least 2 years in Alignment Based Yoga style (style that focuses on the correct alignment of the body in asana)
  • personal interview with the main teachers of the training
  • Completed vocational training or studies

The classes take place in the premises of the yoga place, Zurich. We reserve the right to conduct certain teaching units in external seminar rooms.

The yoga place, gmbh is responsible for the overall management of the 750 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, even if parts of the training are conducted by external teachers.

Main Teachers

Joey Mascarenhas (Co-owner and founder the yoga place, gmbh)

Tanja Lenger Mascarenhas (Co-owner and founder of the yoga place, gmbh)

External Subject Teacher

Anatomy: Martina Blumer, dipl. Physiotherapeutin

By signing these terms and conditions of participation, the applicant confirms that he/she has the necessary fitness and health to participate in the course and that he/she has completed the questionnaire truthfully. Participation is at your own risk. No liability is accepted due to damage resulting from an accident, injury or illness, loss of valuables, money, clothes etc. insurance is the responsibility of the student.

Participants can withdraw from this contract free of charge until 01.12.2021. Any training costs already paid will be refunded. The registration fee is not refundable

In case of a withdrawal after 01.12.2021 the following regulations and costs apply:

The contract can be terminated by either party at any time on the next payment date. However, the amount due of the previous payment date must be paid by the participant and will not be refunded.

Notice of termination must be received by the yoga place, gmbh, Zurich, by registered mail and in writing 30 days before the termination date (cancellation dates).

Example: A participant decides to terminate the contract as of 1.12.2022. The already paid costs of CHF 5000.00 and the registration fee of CHF 500.00 will not be refunded, there are no further costs.

Reasons for termination on the part of the yoga place, gmbh, Zurich, are in particular lack of presence, lack of commitment, lack of psychological stability and disruptive behavior of the participant and are at the discretion of the main teacher.

Cancellation dates and costs due by the participant:

until 1 December 2021 (no costs - no refund of registration fee)

until 1 July 2022 (CHF 2167.00 - no refund of registration fee)

until 1 December 2022 (CHF 5000.00 - no refund of the registration fee)

until 1 July 2023 (CHF 7500.00 - no refund of the registration fee)

until 1 December 2023 (CHF 10'333.00 - no refund of registration fee)

If the yoga place, gmbh decides to stop the current training, the course fees already paid will be refunded to the participants pro rata temporis (current days/365). Course fees for training hours already completed will not be refunded.

If the course participant is prevented from attending the course after the start of the course due to pregnancy, permanent illness or injury, modules that have not been completed can be made up for in the next course if another such course is offered. After that, any claim to make up for lost time expires. There will be no refund of the remaining costs for the missed class time.

Participation in the course in case of pregnancy is possible. However, participation is at the pregnant woman's own risk and responsibility.

A maximum of 40 lessons may be missed. If the participant misses more lessons during the course of the training, he/she will not be admitted to the final examination and will not receive a final certificate. The final examination, however, can be taken in the next course if another such course is offered. After that, any claim to make up for lost time expires.

The classes will be held in German and English, the teaching materials (Yoga Teachers Manual) are written in German. The written final examination will be held in German (written and oral).

No liability is accepted for damage resulting from an accident, injury or illness, loss of valuables, money, clothes etc. The insurance is the responsibility of the student.

No verbal agreements have been made regarding this training contract. Changes and amendments to this agreement, including this provision, must be made in writing. The German version of this contract is the only valid document.

Swiss law applies / place of jurisdiction is Zurich.