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Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient practice of energy work to balance the physical body, the personality, one's own life and the environment.

This method uses knowledge about the existence of energy bodies - which surround and penetrate our physical body with vital life force. This "life force" is contained in every aspect of life and can be transferred from one person to another person, to an object, to plants, to your own company and to anything that needs energetic support, alignment or strengthening.

These improvements are brought about through the application of techniques and protocols that use chi energy or prana. Very often an additional supply of energy is needed to create a proper balance within the various parts of the body's physical and energetic system - including its electromagnetic field and subtle bodies.

The application of this technique in energy work takes place without physically touching the body of the client.

The Inner Sciences is an International Organisation founded by Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui ’s life partner Charlotte Anderson. The Inner Sciences is dedicated to sharing ancient inner knowledge and wisdom as was taught by great teachers like Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui, Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling, Yogi Ramacharaka and others.

Pranic Energy Healing is a gentle, non-contact and at the same time extremely efficient energy healing method.

Joey is an experienced practitioner in applying the technique of Pranic Energy Healing and offers sessions at the following prices:

30 min - CHF 50.00

60 min - CHF 100.00

This method of energy work can actually be studied and learned in our school. Joey regularly teaches workshops on site and is happy to travel to your location if you wish to organize a workshop in your area. The workshops are courses licensed by The Inner Sciences. The teaching materials were written by Charlotte Anderson and are taught internationally. Participants receive a certificate for each completed workshop.

You can find our ongoing Pranic Energy Healing by pressing on the button below called «Workshops». A description of all Pranic Energy Healing Workshops can be found by pressing on the «PEH Workshops» button.