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Ein Gruppe übt den Krieger 2 im Studio von the yoga place Zürich. Man sieht die Yogawand.

What is Yoga

There is no separation of body, mind and the soul in Yoga. The word «Yoga» itself implies to unite or join.

Yoga does not merely suggest physical exercise. It is a holistic science about our human being and it is individually suitable for everyone – also for you!

«Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.»

For us, Yoga has a four-dimensional aspect. It has to cover the physical, the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of a human being. This is how we teach our classes in our studio in Zürich - undogmatic and grounded!

Yoga Holiday

Centro Santillan near Malaga 1.10.2022 - 8.10.2022

Would you like to forget everyday life for a week and dive into Alignment Yoga with us? Would you like a place where all yoga material is available and there is a yoga wall, like in our studio? Do you also like to extend your summer in warmer regions? Then you should book your place as soon as possible for our yoga vacations at Centro Santillan near Malaga. 

Time for you

Private class

A private class is adapted to accommodate your needs and capabilities.