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Alignment Yoga Studio in Zurich

We teach Alignment Based Hatha Yoga. This style takes into account your individual anatomy and avoids yoga injuries. We stay longer in the yoga postures, pay attention to the correct alignment and use yoga aids. Alignment Yoga is not flow yoga! You can read more about our yoga style here: What is Alignment Yoga?

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No workshops are planned at the moment.

Yoga Holidays

Malaga 2024

Would you like to forget everyday life for a week and dive into Alignment Yoga with us? Would you like a place where all yoga material is available and there is a yoga wall, like in our studio? Do you also like to extend your summer in warmer regions? Then you should book your place as soon as possible for our yoga vacations at Centro Santillan near Malaga. 

Which teacher training is the best for you

Which teacher training is the best for you

Are you toying with the idea of doing a yoga teacher training course?

But you're not sure which training is right for you?

Then download our free questionnaire with 21 important questions that you should answer before you decide.

Please note, that the questionnaire is written in German. 

Click here for the FREE QUESTIONNAIRE


Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training in Switzerland?

Do you also believe that proper alignemt in yoga postures is important, because it reduces the risk of injury and makes yoga accessible to people who aren't super flexible?

Then check out our yoga teacher trainings in Zurich: ALIGNMENT YOGA AUSBILDUNGEN 

200H Alignment Yoga Ausbildung

300H Alignment Yoga Ausbildung

250H Alignment Yoga Ausbildung