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3 months (90days) 12 lessons - CHF 330.00 (without time stop)

3 months (90days) 30 lessons - CHF 600.00 (without time stop)

*1 year (365days) 47 lessons - CHF 1200.00 (with time stop)

*1 year (365days) 70 lessons - CHF 1650.00 (with time stop)

*1 year (365days) 110 lessons - CHF 2200.00 (with time stop)

4 months (120days) 10 lessons - CHF 350.00 (without time stop)

single lesson CHF 40.00

*5 weeks holiday on the part of the yoga place, gmbh included

See our terms and conditions for time stop

Prices for Private Lessons you can find HERE

In order to make everyone feel comfortable, we ask you to follow this few simple rules.

Arrive in time
Please arrive in time (5-15 minutes before the class) so as not to disturb the class and to change calmly.

Mobile phones
Please keep your mobile phone during the class on silent mode or switch it off.

Enter the Loggia silent
There might be a class going on prior your class (also private classes). We ask you therefore to enter the Loggia silent and wait to enter the Yoga room until the class is over.

Our neighbours like it quiet
We are in a residential area enter therefore the building quiet. Please avoid loud talking and formation of groups in the stairway or close to the entrance of the building.

Bicycle stand
Behind our house, directly by the loggia, there are bicycle racks. Please do not chain them to trees or lean them against the house wall. Merci!

For the smokers
It is not allowed to smoke inside our outside the Yoga room or building. Please avoid smoking at least 30 minutes prior and after the Yoga class.

Do not eat a big meal 2 hours before the class. A light snack is ok.

Health issues
Please inform us if you have an injury or any other health issues.

You find our terms & conditions here

open your e-Abo

open your e-Abo

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