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Energy balance techniques are used to bring balance to the physical, emotional and mental body. This has a positive effect on our lives as well as the environment.

Energy Balance Technique

Everything in this world is permeated with subtle energy. The knowledge about its existence is ancient and has been handed down in various Eastern as well as Western writings. This energy is known as Life Force, Chi, Ka, Prana or Rua. This energy can be directed and transferred for everything that needs energetic support, harmonization or strengthening.

When we bring our energy system back into balance, we feel a sense of harmony within us, which leads to stress reduction, supports the physical body in the recovery process from various ailments, and also helps us to be mentally and emotionally more stable and balanced.

Joey is an experienced and effective practitioner of Energy Blance Techniques and offers sessions at the following prices:

30 minutes - CHF 50.00

60 minutes - CHF 100.00

The applied techniques take place without touching the body.