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Yoga raises ones self awareness and leads to a healthy self confidence, which brings more authenticity. A reflected, focussed and authentic employee treats others and him or herself with more respect.

Yoga am Arbeitsplatz

Are you interested in satisfied, balanced and healthy employees? Did you know that about 45% of all absences from work are due to musculoskeletal problems, especially the back?

A study by the University of Washington shows that 80% of the participants were able to avoid painkillers after half a year by participating in a yoga class once a week.

Or would you like more harmony and improved cooperation in your team? Yoga reduces stress, and as the results of many University of California studies suggest - even more than exercise.

In addition, yoga promotes self-awareness and leads to a healthy self-confidence and thus to more authenticity. A reflective, focused and authentic employee or team leader deals with themselves and others more harmoniously.

Regular yoga also sharpens the mind because you learn to focus your thoughts on the moment. Compulsive useless thinking is minimized, maximizing the ability to concentrate. This allows for productive and purposeful use of the mind in decision making and promotes creativity.

Tanja and Joey are experts in Alignment Yoga and full-time yoga teachers. They successfully train and develop yoga teachers in their yoga studio in Zurich and lead yoga retreats in Switzerland and abroad.

They both have many years of experience in teaching and initiate a transformation process in their participants. 

Contact us if you are interested in quality and authenticity in yoga for your employees. We can offer you exclusive group classes for your company in our yoga studio in Zurich or at your place (city of Zurich / Altstetten) if you have suitable space and yoga equipment.

Please note that we teach Alignment Yoga. In this yoga style the participants stay longer in the yoga postures, we pay attention to the correct alignment and thus train body awareness and mindfulness. We do not teach flow yoga. 



Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich

Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training in the Zurich area with a focus on alignment? This is our expert area! Click on the orange title and check out our offer.