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Tanja Lenger Mascarenhas von the yoga place korrigiert eine Teilnehmerin in Trikonasana im Yoga Studio in Zürich.

This is what you get

In our classes you are the clear focus for us – this is the reason why we choose to work in small groups in our yoga studio in Zurich.  

We regularly offer interesting workshops and you can join our Yoga holidays. Or do you prefer a private class? They also belong to our offering. We speak English and German.

Teacher Training

in Alignment Yoga

Very carefully planned, offers utmost professional standards and comes with high quality training material. Please note, the trainings are held in German. If you are looking for a an English program, send us an e-mail. 

Online Yoga

Yoga and more with Tanja & Joey

We also offer Online Yoga. Please find all information with the below link. See you soon in our virtual Yoga studio!

Tanja & Joey

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find our yoga subscriptions (abos) and prices: Yoga abos and prices

Yes, you can make up for missed lessons during the duration of your subscription. This applies to all subscriptions.

The 1 year subscriptions (Abos) can be deposited during vacation. We do this from 2 weeks absence and credit a maximum of 6 weeks per subscription. The absence must be communicated to us at least 1 week in advance. The shorter Abos can not be deposited, but you can make up the missed lessons.

In case of illness, accident or pregnancy, the subscription will be extended for the duration of the absence (maternity max. 6 months after birth). The illness, accident, pregnancy must be communicated to us immediately in writing on In any case, a medical certificate (Sport-Attest) must be submitted.

We do not have a parking lot. There are 2 visitor parking spaces in front of the building, but they are usually occupied. We are very easy to reach by public transport, as we are only about 3 minutes away from the Hardbrücke train station. If you do come by car, it is best to park in the Pfingstweid parking garage or in the parking lots under Hardbrücke (subject to a fee).

Are there bicycle parking spaces?

Yes, there are bicycle parking spaces in the courtyard. Please do not chain the bikes to the trees or lean them against the facade. Thank you!

Can I take a shower at your place?

We have a bathroom with toilet and shower. Most participants do not shower after class. If you want to shower, just take a towel with you and you are welcome to use the shower.

Do you have changing facilities?

Yes, we have separate changing facilities for men and women.

Do I need to bring my own yoga props?

No, we have all yoga props on site. If you prefer your own yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it.

What is best to wear for the yoga class?

Choose comfortable sportswear that allows us to see your joints. For example, leggings, shorts, not too wide trainer pants and for open tops or T-shirts are suitable. Not suitable are very wide harem pants and long loose shirts, because we can not see if you load your joints correctly in the yoga positions.

Wie kann ich bei euch bezahlen?

Für die Yoga Abos stellen wir dir eine Rechnung aus. Die Schnupperstunde bezahlst du am besten vor Ort via TWINT, bar oder mi dere EC-Karte.