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This is what you get

  • We get you simply down from your everyday stress
  • Competent, fully professional yoga teachers with many years of experience
  • Slow yoga postures combined with mindfulness - no flow yoga!
  • Our yoga style is ideal for beginners
  • We use yoga tools and the yoga wall
  • Uncomplicated, friendly atmosphere
  • Maximum 15 people per class

This is how Alignment Yoga works

Unlike flow yoga, where you quickly switch back and forth between the individual postures, you take the yoga postures with us in alignment yoga slowly and with mindfulness, similar to Iyengar yoga.

This not only improves your concentration and awareness, but also helps you avoid yoga injuries. You hold the postures longer than in flow yoga, which requires strength and stretching at the same time, and this has a positive effect on your fascia system. 

Alignment means alignment and that is what we pay attention to in our yoga studio in Zurich. We don't just "practice" something and you follow suit as best you can. In Alignment Yoga, we work with very clear instructions, we correct the individual participants and use yoga aids, so that the yoga exercises are adapted to your body and not vice versa.

Especially if you have physical weaknesses, alignment is central in the yoga exercises. 

Alignment yoga is not about the "work-out" effect, such as jogging. It is the "work-in" effect that you feel after our classes. That doesn't mean you won't work up a sweat with us. But the goal is that you feel more inner peace, that you become more mindful and more at peace with yourself and others.

With us, everything is done in an undogmatic and authentic way, without a lot of "clim-bim". You don't have to present the latest yoga clothes, chant mantras or bow to an incense stick. You come in, change your clothes, lie down on the yoga cushion, close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breath - this is our "meditation" at the beginning - we just get you away from the stress of everyday life. 

What our participants say

When I am in the class, it is about me, I feel seen and I have space as "me" and I am welcomed and I feel that. Everyone is allowed to come and be as he or she is!

Patrizia Cerere

The calm Tanja and Joey convey in their yoga classes often transfers to me. After the classes I feel less rushed and more calm overall.

Corinne Heusser-Egli

When I started yoga, the yoga = sport idea came first. I was running a lot and yoga was recommended to me for stretching my legs. But soon I realised that yoga is more than just sport.

Mathias Hoffmann

Yoga Angebot in Zürich

Group classes

In our yoga studio in Zurich there is room for a maximum of 15 people per group. The yoga mat and all yoga equipment are at your disposal. Would you like to know which levels we teach and where you fit in best? Then click on the orange link below. 

More information about our yoga group classes in Zurich

Private lessons

Do you have an individual request and or would you like to be coached by us privately? Click on the orange link below to find all the information about our private yoga classes at our yoga studio in Zurich. 

More information about private yoga classes at The Yoga Place, Zurich. 

Yoga for companies

Yoga promotes self-awareness and a healthy self-confidence. This leads to more authenticity. A reflective, focused and authentic employee deals more harmoniously with himself and others.

Learn more about our offerings for companies.

Yoga Holidays

We regularly offer yoga vacations where we dive deeper into Alignment Yoga. 

More information

Yoga Workshops

In our yoga workshops we focus on specific topics related to Alignment Yoga. Joey also offers special Energy Balance Technique workshops where you will learn how to support yourself and others with subtle energy. 

More information about Yoga Workshops

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in pregnancy is a gift! Proper alignment is even more important now than usual because the body changes so much during pregnancy. If you are already a participant and become pregnant during this time, we will integrate you into the group and see what is possible. If you have no yoga experience and are pregnant, Tanja will work with you in private classes or in a special group, if there is one (min. 5 women). Would you like to learn more about yoga during pregnancy? Then click on the orange link below.

More information about Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga Teacher Trainings

We offer different yoga teacher trainings in our style. The first step is the 200h Yoga Teacher Training. Click on the orange link below to find all the information. 

More information about Yoga Teacher Trainings at The Yoga Place Zurich


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our yoga subscriptions (memberships) and prices for the yoga classes with us: Yoga subscriptions and prices

Yes, you can make up for missed lessons during the duration of your subscription. This applies to all subscriptions.

The 1 year subscriptions can be deposited during vacation. We do this from 2 weeks absence and credit a maximum of 6 weeks per subscription. The absence must be communicated to us at least 1 week in advance. The shorter subscriptions cannot be deposited, but you can make up the missed hours.

In case of illness, accident or pregnancy, the subscription will be extended for the duration of the absence (maternity max. 6 months after birth). The illness, accident, pregnancy must be communicated to us immediately in writing on In any case, a medical certificate (Sport-Attest) must be submitted.

We do not have a parking lot. There are 2 visitor parking spaces in front of the building, but they are usually occupied. We are very easy to reach by public transport, as we are only about 3 minutes away from the Hardbrücke train station. If you do come by car, it is best to park in the Pfingstweid parking garage or in the parking lots under Hardbrücke (subject to a fee).

Yes, there are bicycle parking spaces in the courtyard. Please do not chain the bikes to the trees or lean them against the facade. Thank you!

We have a bathroom with toilet and shower. Most participants:inside do not shower after class. If you want to shower, just take a towel with you and you are welcome to use the shower.

Yes, we have separate changing facilities for men and women.

No, we have all yoga materials on site. If you prefer your own yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it.

Choose comfortable sportswear that allows us to see your joints. For example, leggings, shorts, not too wide trainer pants and for open tops or T-shirts are suitable. Not suitable are very wide harem pants and long loose shirts, because we can not see if you load your joints correctly in the yoga positions.

For the yoga subscriptions we will issue an invoice. The best way to pay for the trial lesson is on site via TWINT, cash or EC card.

Yes, we offer different yoga teacher trainings. Here you can find an overview: Yoga Teacher Trainings

B.K.S. Iyengar was the first yoga teacher to introduce yoga aids. He recognized that every body is different and not all are equally flexible. He saw that for many students it was necessary to work with yoga aids. B.K.S. Iyengar was also a pioneer and master in classical yoga therapy. 

In Iyengar Yoga, alignment, like in our Alignment Yoga, also plays a central role. However, it focuses more on the asana (the yoga posture) and making it as close as possible to the ideal so that one can have a deeper experience. This is the classical approach in Hatha Yoga. 

In Alignment Yoga we take into account the individual anatomy of each participant. The goal is not the perfect yoga posture, but that it is optimal for your body.

Unfortunately, yoga can also cause injuries, so it is important that beginners choose a studio where competent teachers with sound training and experience work. The yoga teachers should also have a good basic knowledge of anatomy, at least as far as the main joints and spine are concerned. The yoga teachers should not only demonstrate, but correct the participants of a yoga class in case of misalignments. This is not done in studios with many participants and in flow yoga. Because in that style you quickly switch back and forth between the individual posture, and hence does not allow time for the teachers to go and correct the participants. Alignment Yoga is ideal for beginners.

Teacher Training

in Alignment Yoga

Very carefully planned, offers utmost professional standards and comes with high quality training material. Please note, the trainings are held in German. If you are looking for a an English program, send us an e-mail. 

Online Yoga

Yoga and more with Tanja & Joey

We also offer Online Yoga. Please find all information with the below link. See you soon in our virtual Yoga studio!

Tanja & Joey