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Yoga in Zurich

Our group classes take place in a manageable size in our yoga studio in Zurich. There is room for a maximum of 15 people. We teach Alignment based Hatha Yoga and correct you during the classes and give clear instructions. 

The centerpiece of our yoga studio in Zurich, is the specially built Yoga Wall. It allows a deeper practice in the yoga postures and allows you to do yoga postures that you might not be able to do in the classical version. 

The Yoga Wall and the other yoga aids such as straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets and yoga chairs allow for efficient practice that quickly leads to progress in the yoga exercises and minimizes the risk of injury.

Admittedly; when we really work with all the tools, the studio looks more like a yoga workshop than a fancy 5-star yoga studio in Zurich (you may already know this from Iyengar Yoga). But that's how it works with us, we don't stay on the surface, but go into depth, hold the postures and thus create the optimal effect for your body through the yoga exercises. 

What Yoga class fits me

Beginners Level I

These yoga classes are suitable for beginners and advanced yogis who want to work on their foundation. Here the basics are taught using simple asana (yoga postures).

Those who have already learned the basics can also participate in a combined (Level I & II) class.

Advanced Level II

Here the yoga basics are deepened on different levels and one develops a better feeling for the exercises.

Beginners as well as advanced students can participate in this class.

Advanced Level II - III

In these classes the learned basics are deepened by means of partly advanced asana. The individual postures are worked on in greater depth. 

Those who participate in this class should already have knowledge of alignment yoga and practice regularly. It is assumed that you are familiar with the yoga tools and have understood the basic instructions - they are not repeated here every time.

 Yoga for All

These classes are designed so that both beginners and advanced students feel comfortable.

So that everyone can benefit, the individual exercises are taught at different levels of difficulty.

MEDITATION - (English)

Every Tuesday ONLINE 06:30 - approx. 07:10 max 07:15
Planetary Peace Meditation open to all via ZOOM.

Please allow video and audio - otherwise we cannot let you participate. 

If you are attending for the 1st time, please email us beforehand and we will send you the link.

Participation in this mediation is free of charge. 

Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich

Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training in the Zurich area with a focus on alignment? This is our expert area! Click on the orange title and check out our offer.