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Tanja and Joey

We teach Alignment Based Hatha Yoga in our Yoga Studio in Zurich

Alignment Yoga is our expert field! Together we have 60 years of experience in this yoga style. This yoga style takes into account your individual anatomy and avoids injuries. Compared to flow yoga, you stay longer in the exercises. 

We focus on the correct alignment within the yoga exercises (Asana), we correct you and help you to quiet your mind during the class. This allows you to hear the language of the heart better and you experience a kind of inner peace and leave the class lighter and more satisfied. 

We use yoga props

We work with yoga aids because the anatomical requirements of many participants are simply not such that they can safely assume the classical postures. In our yoga studio in Zurich we have also installed a special yoga wall, thanks to which you can assume and experience many more postures.

Holistic Yoga without "Klim-Bim"

Yoga is four-dimensional for us. It must cover the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. We teach this without big rituals or much "Klim-Bim". So you won't have to chant mantras at the beginning of the class or bow to a statue or an incense stick - we do it differently.  

For us it is important that you have a direct experience in the yoga class, that you can directly feel and experience the effect that the yoga exercises and the breath have on the body and the mind. 

You decide how deep you want to go into yoga

Each participant decides for him or herself how deeply he or she wants to engage in yoga. For many, it is enough to come to our studio once or several times a week to participate in a yoga class, relax and find peace.

Others expand their experience with a special workshop at and or come on yoga vacation with us. 

If you want to get a better understanding of yoga, you can take the first module of the yoga teacher training with us. It is ideal if you just want to do something for yourself and develop yourself further.

An ideal introduction to Alignment Yoga, is also our online Alignment Yoga Basic Course.

Yogalehrer Ausbildung in Zürich

Yogalehrer Ausbildung in Zürich

Suchst du nach einer Yogalehrer Ausbildung im Raum Zürich mit Fokus auf Ausrichtung? Das ist unser Expertengebiet! Klicke auf den orangen Titel und schau dir unser Angebot an. 

Our Yoga Style

In Alignment based Hatha Yoga we focus on the correct execution of the yoga postures, drawing on our extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. We place great emphasis on the safety of our students and therefore use yoga aids to assist in the execution of challenging classical yoga poses and prevent injury.

Compared to flow yoga, we linger longer on each yoga exercise, working directly on our fascia system (you may know this from Iyengar yoga). This results in the much-cited and research-proven positive effects of yoga postures.

For us, yoga is not simply a "work-out" like in the gym, but a "work-in". Sometimes participants who come to us for the first time and have not been informed about the style of yoga we teach are a bit surprised. They are more familiar with flow yoga, where little attention is paid to alignment, or have so far only worked with YouTube videos, where you are not corrected anyway.

If you are looking for a pure physical power work-out with lots of sweat and music etc., you are wrong with us. But who wants to experience yoga, stays with us or comes back; even if it was somehow "completely different than expected"! Something just "clicked" during the class and the participants realized afterwards how good it had done them.

Not only for the body, but also on another level (usually they also feel sore muscles - "even though I didn't sweat that much!"). "Work-out" can still be done on the side at the gym or while jogging (we do that too, by the way). But when we do yoga, we do yoga! 

With us you will be seen, because the group size allows us to keep an eye on all participants and to correct them individually during the class.

During the yoga class you will also learn how to connect with your heart energy. We learned this from our senior Indian Iyengar yoga teacher, Father Joe Pereira, and pass it on to our participants. As a result, you will feel a sense of inner peace in class. Over time, this feeling will flow into your outer life, bringing more peace and serenity into your life. 

To learn more about what exactly Alignment Yoga is, check out our blog article: WHAT IS ALIGNMENT YOGA



Mehr über Tanja

Mehr über Tanja

Hallo und Namasté - ich war mal Bankerin! Irgendwann habe ich bemerkt, dass ich mich weiter entwickeln muss, dass es da noch etwas gibt, das nicht "genährt" wird in mir und es zog mich nach Indien...

Mehr über Joey

Mehr über Joey

Nasté - ürsprünglich stamme ich aus Indien und Yoga mache ich bereits seit ich ein Teenager bin, obwohl ich eigentlich katholisch erzogen wurde, zog mich Yoga magisch an... darum wurde ich wohl auch in Indien geboren. Seit 2006 lebe ich in Zürich und arbeite vollberuflich als Yogalehrer.