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Online Prenatal Yoga Course

During pregnancy, a woman's body has to go through an incredible amount of changes to adapt to the growing new life. Did you know, that a pregnant woman's body changes three times during pregnancy!

These changes affect the curves of your spine, your balance, and your gait. Yoga is ideal during pregnancy because it helps your body adjust better and also supports you on a mental and emotional level. 

However, not every yoga pose is safe when you're pregnant, and the rules change for each trimester. Therefore, it is important that you practice under the guidance of experienced professionals.

In our online Prenatal Alignment Yoga course, created in collaboration with Viviana Presicce (midwife, yoga and meditation teacher), we summarize the main points about the biomechanical changes that take place in your body and how yoga postures can help alleviate the most common problems.

The course includes 90 video clips spanning 8 hours with detailed and safe instructions for each asana, explanations of proper breathing, 4 classes you can practice with us, a yoga nidra for deep relaxation and a guided meditation for inner peace, as well as bonus information about common pregnancy issues.